LipSculpt: Filler

Introducing LipSculpt, the ultimate choice for those seeking a transformation in the form and fullness of their lips. We harness the power of premium injectable fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane to elevate your lip's natural beauty, ensuring that your lips take center stage in your look.

  • Amplify your lip's natural form and volume
  • Achieve irresistibly plump and prominent results
  • Highlight lip contour while minimizing visible fine lines
  • Attain harmonious lip symmetry with a naturally enhanced outcome

Note: A consultation, provided by professional medical staff, is necessary for this treatment to determine the quantity of syringes required


Lip fillers are a series of injections that sculpt the lips and maximize their aesthetic appearance. The different fillers and injections will work to shape, enlarge, highlight, refine, build, or draw a clearer outline of the lips. For each patient (depending on their age, the condition of their lips, skin quality, etc.) different fillers and a different injection technique must be adapted.

The maximum result is observed about a month after the last session. In order to preserve the result, you will visit the doctor once every six months to a year to review the results. Side effects are generally minor and include bleeding and swelling in the injection area. Avoid scheduling treatments within 7-10 days of social events, important meetings, or photography sessions.

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