EntityMed integration with Symplast

Noam Yadin

We are excited to announce our recent integration with Symplast, a mobile EHR and practice management platform for the aesthetic industry. This partnership is set to advance the current capabilities of aesthetic practices by pushing revenue growth and maximizing ROI from marketing efforts.

EntityMed's breakthrough generative AI algorithm provides practices with an innovative approach to both patient acquisition and retention. By incorporating the #1 AI aesthetic simulator into Symplast's platform, users can amplify their existing workflows, provide a more personal management experience and experience increased revenue.

The integration will enable Symplast and EntityMed users to streamline the lead generation process, from EntityMed's AI facial simulator to booking directly on Symplast's EMR. Powered by our proprietary AI algorithm, EntityMed delivers immediate results for aesthetic practices and medical spas. This new integration means that Symplast users can increase their ROI from EntityMed even more, decreasing their cost-per-patient acquisition.

Key benefits of EntityMed and Symplasts partnership include:

  • Effective lead generation: Our AI-powered features enable practices to generate leads through white-label branded simulator links, online marketing campaigns, and Google Ads campaigns.
  • Enhanced revenue generation: Practices now have access to advanced marketing strategies and automation, allowing them to attract and retain more patients and increasing their revenue.
  • Improved patient experience: The integration facilitates better patient engagement through streamlined communication and efficient service delivery, leading to higher patient satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Comprehensive data management: Combining Symplast’s EHR capabilities with EntityMed’s data management solutions ensures accurate and secure handling of patient information, supporting informed decision-making and targeted marketing.
  • Seamless workflow integration: Practices can seamlessly integrate EntityMed’s features into their existing Symplast workflows, reducing the learning curve and ensuring a smooth transition while focusing on revenue-generating activities.

If you'd like to learn more about our integration with Symplast, Don't hesitate to reach out!

You can also book a demo with one of our experts to discover how aesthetic clinics around the world have implemented AI into their practices and experienced immediate ROI. 

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