EntityMed partners with Ad Vital to deliver artificially intelligent lead generation and nurturing automation for aesthetic practices

Lior Yadin
EntityMed’s AI-driven lead generation tool now directly integrates with Ad Vital’s HIPAA compliant patient management platform.

MIAMI, FL - EntityMed, the leader and pioneer of artificial intelligence in aesthetic marketing and lead generation, is excited to announce its integration partnership with Ad Vital, a best-in-class Patient Management Software (PMS) that leverages automation and AI to streamline the entire patient journey. Founded by active plastic surgeon Dr. Shitel Patel, Ad Vital shares the same core values of transparency, security, and AI-driven automation as EntityMed. Aesthetic practices can begin enjoying the direct software integration between EntityMed and Ad Vital immediately.

“Partnering with Ad Vital was a no-brainer for us,” says Lior Yadin, Founder and CEO of EntityMed. “The advent of ChatGPT has pushed artificial intelligence into the forefront of everyday life; however, aesthetic practice owners are still unsure how to leverage AI in a logical and secure manner. That’s why it is so important for experts like EntityMed and Ad Vital to work together to educate the industry on the proper ways to incorporate AI-driven technology into their marketing and sales funnel.”

Ad Vital Founder and CEO Dr. Shitel Patel: “This integration partnership is the missing link between leads and conversions for aesthetic practices. EntityMed’s amazing facial aesthetic simulator tool is the perfect compliment to Ad Vital’s fully automated patient management platform. When two CEOs share the same passion for groundbreaking technology and understanding of how to translate artificial intelligence into ROI-driven marketing, the end result is a powerful product integration that delivers a greater value than either product on their own.”

To learn more about EntityMed and Ad Vital, please visit https://EntityMed.com and https://AdVitalmd.com


Instantly decrease your staff workload so they can provide a personalized experience. Sure, we have a PRM platform people love. We also have text, email, phone and online booking functionalities that are great. This is not what makes us special though. When you use ad vital, you’ll have access to optimized procedure specific patient journeys that have been built & tested for every treatment an aesthetic practice can offer. All the design, automation and personalization is done for you, on our end. With our process, the icing on the cake is being able to track and see what marketing efforts are working and more importantly which ones are not. We provide the passion and persistence of the process of the optimal practice by putting aesthetics on autopilot!


EntityMed is the leader and pioneer of artificial intelligence in aesthetic marketing and lead generation. Tested on over 10,000 patient simulations, EntityMed boasts a patented AI algorithm that delivers clinically accurate facial simulations for neurotoxin and filler treatments. Aesthetic practices across the globe rely on EntityMed to unearth previously untapped leads and generate new online inquiries with the white-labeled facial simulator tool as well as the lead management CRM portal. Create your own free personalized EntityMed simulator tool in a matter of minutes by visiting https://EntityMed.com.

About Lior Yadin

Co-Founder and CEO, EntityMed

My passion in life is to integrate AI with the human body.

EntityMed was founded to catapult the aesthetic industry into the future by using a generative artificial intelligence algorithm to predict how skin tissues will behave post-treatments.


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