How AI is redefining marketing ROI for aesthetic practices

Ronnie Khadaran
Lead generation with AI

There are almost 10,000 medspas in the United States, with thousands of new aesthetic practices opening every year. As the aesthetic industry continues to surge, one thing is certain: acquiring new patients is becoming more and more expensive.

There is a solution that more and more aesthetic practices are leveraging: artificial intelligence.

Let’s explore how AI is delivering immediate results for medical spas, plastic surgery practices and other aesthetic practices across the globe.

Decreasing the cost of new patient acquisition

EntityMed has developed the industry’s first (and only) facial simulator driven by generative AI. This proprietary technology is generating over 900 online leads per month for one dermatology practice in New York. Best of all, this tool transforms your practice website into an interactive lead capturing/conversion platform.

So how does the AI facial simulator decrease the cost of patient acquisition?

First and foremost, the biggest advantage of this technology is that it can be employed with ZERO paid advertising dollars required. Simply share the link to your custom-branded AI facial simulator tool on your website, social media, and any other outlets to drive traffic and leads to it.

As you collect more and more online leads from the simulator tool without spending any advertising dollars, your Cost per New Patient Acquisition will improve. With that said, we certainly do encourage EntityMed customers to consider investing in some online retargeting or display ads to increase the number of leads that are generated.

(EntityMed offers a Google Ads campaign integration at no additional cost to all its users in order to simplify the setup for any paid efforts.)

Tip: Aesthetic practices that prominently feature their AI facial simulator as a notification bar on their website home page, and also on their social media profile, tend to see a 200% increase in online leads vs. practices who do not do this.

Overcoming the #1 concern of potential patients

The new form of “generative AI” that is powering things like ChatGPT has enabled aesthetic practices to finally answer the question “what will I look like with Botox or Fillers” in a clinically acceptable manner…all from the comfort of a person’s home.

The top pain point for facial aesthetic patients is that they are worried they will look weird after getting treatments done. There is a lot of misinformation and unrealistic standards set on social media. Everything from the good, the bad, and (oh yes) the ugly. Patients love using our AI Facial Simulator because it generates realistic, clinically acceptable simulations that allow them to visualize how they will look after getting neurotoxins and/or fillers done on their face.

The AI algorithm of the simulator tool is based on over 100,000 simulations and real life patient before/after photos. Hundreds of data points are analyzed every time a simulation is made. The simulations are so accurate, that they also work to manage patient expectations and decrease negative reviews for your clinic.

This simulator is FREE for online visitors and patients to use, all from the comfort of their smartphone at home or on the go. No app download is required. No consultation or office visit is necessary. This lead generation tool is available 24/7. All thanks to artificial intelligence pioneered by EntityMed.

Upselling and cross-selling intelligently

So now you’ve learned how AI can be used to simulate accurate, realistic previews of toxin and filler treatments for any person, and how it delivers immediate marketing ROI for aesthetic practices.

The power of AI is not just limited to patient treatment simulations. Aesthetic practices are benefitting from AI as an eCommerce tactic too. EntityMed has incorporated AI to analyze the results of a person’s facial simulation and intelligently recommend products and/or treatments that are statistically most likely to result in a purchase.

This online eCommerce functionality allows aesthetic practices to capture payment for products and procedures in the critical after-hours timeframe (when most patients are active). One medical spa in Illinois has seen a 19.61% conversion rate for online leads, with additional revenue coming from the new AI eCommerce feature (available at no additional cost to all EntityMed customers).


The bottom line is this: artificial intelligence empowers aesthetic practices to finally deliver personalized, data-driven treatments and products that are catered specifically towards each individual patient.

To learn more about EntityMed’s AI platform, and how aesthetic practices worldwide are seeing immediate results, schedule a free online demo with one of our team members today.

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