How artificial intelligence can unlock the next “big” demographic in aesthetics

Lior Yadin

It may come as a surprise, but there is a growing segment within the US that more and more aesthetic practices are capitalizing on: “Bro-tox”!

That’s right. Generation Z men are an emerging source of revenue in the facial aesthetic market. From viral hashtags to social media influencers, the #Brotox movement has amassed over 17 million views, sparking a new level of interest and acceptance among young adult males for toxins and fillers. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 265,000 Botox treatments were administered to men in 2020. That’s a 182% increase compared to the year 2000.


This is amazing news for aesthetic practices who are suffering from an oversaturated competitive landscape, wondering how they can increase their revenue and Lifetime Patient Value. Attracting young males for facial aesthetic treatments adds a previously untapped revenue stream for forward-looking aesthetic practice owners, augmenting their reach and frequency.

Botox itself is a $6.4 Billion market that is projected to continue surging. The Global Aesthetic Medicine market size was valued at $112 Billion in 2022 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7% from 2023 through 2030. Young adult men are proving to be a new segment that medical spas and aesthetic practices will regret ignoring in the coming decade.


There are a number of reasons why 2023 has created the “perfect storm” for men to proudly proclaim their fondness for facial aesthetics. As Dr. Shahram Salemy explains, Botox provides modern men with a vital boost in their personal and professional lives: “Radiating youthful vigor can be a major asset in dating, careers, social media and other aspects of a man’s life. As the stigma of cosmetic treatments continues to diminish, men are more open to and interested in Botox than ever before.”

So, how can YOUR aesthetic practice overcome the societal stigma that men in general may face regarding fillers and toxins?

The answer lies with, of course, artificial intelligence. Yes, the “AI” buzzword that you have been hearing more and more of the past 6 months holds the secret to increasing your male clientele. Men hold the same concerns and worries about facial treatments that women do; sometimes even moreso. The breakthrough AI technology developed by EntityMed has already delivered immediate marketing ROI to aesthetic practices around the world; it can also provide a competitive advantage to practices targeting male patients.

EntityMed has pioneered a proprietary AI-driven algorithm that allows aesthetic practices across the globe to offer online visitors the ability to customize a clinically acceptable facial simulation. Users can visit a practice’s website or social media and be taken to a white-labeled AI facial simulator tool that allows them to adjust the level of filler and toxin treatments, with real-time simulated results showing what the outcome will be. This technology is incredibly user-friendly, allowing men who are curious about fillers and toxins to better understand what IS and IS NOT possible with different facial aesthetic treatments. More importantly, the AI facial simulator is an engaging way for practices to overcome the most common concerns and objections men will have regarding getting fillers and/or toxins: will I look weird after I get it done?

By using the EntityMed tool, your practice can leap to the forefront of marketing to modern male patients, thus carving out a competitive advantage over other practices in your area.


Get started with our EntityMed AI simulator tool and lead management portal for FREE! Sign up for your free trial in a matter of seconds, add your personalized patient simulator tool to your online presence (website, social media, etc.) and watch the leads come in.

It’s that simple.

Still have questions? Schedule your free 15 minute virtual call with one of our team members to learn how EntityMed can augment your practice’s marketing efforts and leverage previously untapped sales leads.

About Lior Yadin

Co-Founder and CEO, EntityMed

My passion in life is to integrate AI with the human body.

EntityMed was founded to catapult the aesthetic industry into the future by using a generative artificial intelligence algorithm to predict how skin tissues will behave post-treatments.


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