How TikTok is impacting aesthetic treatments

Lior Yadin

How TikTok is impacting aesthetic treatments

TikTok has taken the world by storm in the past few years - millions of seconds of content is posted daily for every subject you can think of, including aesthetic treatments and the aesthetic procedure industry. So how exactly is this latest wave of content creation impacting the industry exactly?

Trending treatments

Most of society loves to follow trends - which is both a blessing and a curse. Trends come and go like waves, and some waves are bigger than others. Scrolling through Tik Tok is an almost guaranteed way to discover what’s currently trending, since the algorithm wants to show you what’s popular and gaining traction with a large audience. When it comes to treatments, you’ll be able to discover trending and popular treatments with the help of the algorithm.

For treatment providers, TikTok is a great resource when it comes to researching what other brands are offering, and what treatments are the most popular. These current trends may be services and treatments they should potentially begin offering themselves.

Transparency in the market

TikTok isn’t only for teenagers - many brands from every branch have adopted TikTok as a way to promote their products and services. Many aesthetic practices and providers have joined the platform, allowing them exposure to a wider audience, while also educating their viewers on different procedures and the process of each one. Viewers (and potential clients) can get a glimpse of the total patient experience before they choose what clinic and treatment are right for them.

TikTok has also allowed the aesthetic procedure community to tackle the taboo that has clouded the community and industry for so long. It used to be that only celebrities underwent aesthetic procedures, and if they did, they never used to share the details. One day, their lips look fuller and their face structure looked a bit different. This secrecy caused many patients to feel like they couldn’t share the procedures they chose to have, for fear of backlash from strangers and friends. However, as more and more creators on the platform have shared their aesthetic procedure journey, more people have realized that there’s nothing shameful in mentioning that you chose to get fillers or toxins. In reality, it’s not that different from getting your teeth whitened, or going shopping for new outfits.

Opportunity for simulation

Before any big purchase, you’re going to want to test it out. If you were thinking of buying a house, you would be given the opportunity to see the property and walk around the rooms. If you were thinking of buying a car, you would go down to the dealer and see how the seats felt, how the radio worked, and maybe even be able to give the car a test drive. Almost all the social media platforms allow their users to test out aesthetic procedures with their wide selection of filters, including TikTok. There’s a filter for everything - different eye shapes, nose adjustments, chin fillers, to name a few. Instead of wondering how you might look after a certain procedure, a TikTok filter has given you a glimpse.

For those that are looking for a more scientific, AI-based visualization, EntityMed is a great option. With innovative software that was developed by aesthetic professionals and an AI algorithm with high clinical accuracy, we can visualize the outcome of aesthetic treatments, ensuring that you’ll receive the results of an aesthetic procedure that is 100% personalized to you. Read more about our cutting-edge process here.

Whether you’re a client or a treatment provider, it’s a good idea to take advantage of TikTok for now. It’s a fantastic place to learn from other people’s experiences and even share your own! At the end of the day, anybody who creates content can be considered an ‘influencer’, and you never know who, or how, you might influence to consider aesthetic treatments.

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