Personalization – how its changing the world of aesthetics

Lior Yadin

It’s no secret that recent advancements in technology have allowed us to live our lives at a standard we had never dreamed of before. We have smartwatches that help us monitor our vitals, hybrid cars that run entirely on electricity, and 3-D printers that can print anything from mechanical pieces to body parts. In terms of personalized treatments in the world of aesthetics, technology has let personalized treatment plans become a reality. In just a few years, beginning a treatment without personalized procedure results will be unheard of.

Why personalization is so important in the world of aesthetic treatments

Each one of us is unique - facial features, age, skin, and sun exposure are just a few of the factors that impact the success of aesthetic treatments on different individuals. Not only that, but every person’s skin tissue reacts differently when being treated with different fillers or the botulinum toxin, and each substance also has its own rheological parameters and chemical composition.

Taking into consideration all of these unknowns is almost impossible for the average clinician, but that's where the use of artificial intelligence comes in. With an artificial intelligence algorithm, all of these factors are measured in a matter of seconds, and the client is provided with their very own personalized aesthetic treatment, which has a perfect combination of all the different variables.

This groundbreaking shift in the way aesthetic treatments are admitted to clients will provide better results and build trust between client and clinician. Being given the opportunity to visualize your results before the procedure provides the client with the confidence that treatment results will be the same as the simulation, as well as the confidence that the look they’re going for is achievable and will look entirely natural on them. The client will be able to discuss the treatment with their clinician and receive their professional opinion on what treatment is “just right” for them.

EntityMed’s personalization technique

EntityMed has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence to design innovative software with the help of aesthetic professionals and an AI algorithm with high clinical accuracy that provides any client with the opportunity to visualize the outcome of different aesthetic treatments that is 100% personalized. The software takes into account all of the different factors, both physical and chemical, ensuring that the treatment is not only desirable but also achievable.

As the CEO of EntityMed, I truly believe that personalization is the future of aesthetic treatments. Just as if you were buying a house, a car, or any other important purchase, any client should be able to visualize the results of their desired aesthetic treatment and have absolute faith in the results that it can yield.

If you’re interested in giving our simulation a try, or if have any questions, be sure to contact us!

About Lior Yadin

Co-Founder and CEO, EntityMed

My passion in life is to integrate AI with the human body.

EntityMed was founded to catapult the aesthetic industry into the future by using a generative artificial intelligence algorithm to predict how skin tissues will behave post-treatments.


Christina Newell ()

Hello! I am interested in exactly what all aesthetic procedures does EntityMed predict outcomes for? I am does a B2B marketing plan and would love to know more about the algorithm! Thank you!

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