Sculptra: AI Aesthetic Simulator

Noam Yadin

Sculptra is a popular and effective bio-stimulator as it not only provides great results, but can be used to enhance various areas of the body. Whether your patient wants to plump the loss of volume in their face due to the natural process of collagen depletion or are in the market for a non-surgical butt lift, Sculptra is the go-to treatment.

However, the possible ‘downside’ of Sculptra is that, unlike other aesthetic treatments, patients will likely need to undergo multiple injector sessions to see results (which appear gradually over the course of 3-6 months). This in turn makes it harder to persuade patients to undergo this lengthier treatment (especially when they want to ensure they can get their ideal results for the hefty price). 

This is why we developed the bio-stimulator prediction on the AI facial simulator.

Sculptra on the AI facial simulator

How does the Sculptra feature help your practice?

Instead of you having to convince patients that the best treatment option for sunken cheeks is Sculptra, let them see it for themselves on themselves. By enabling patients to undergo the AI facial simulator from the comfort of their homes, they can see the realistic results of Sculptra treatments and arrive at their consultation pre-convinced.

The process looks something like this: Patients can find the link to the AI facial simulator on the med spa’s Instagram profile (either on their Instagram Story or post) or website and simulate their ideal look using the facial simulator, and schedule a consultation. The AI facial simulator gathers qualifying details about the patient, such as their time and day preferences, preferred location, and decision stage. 

With these steps, patients - existing, new, and even former - visualize clinically-acceptable realistic results on their own face. These patients will not only be booking an appointment ASAP, but sending their simulated results to friends and family, and getting them excited about the AI-experience your med spa offers.

If you'd like to learn more about the Sculptra treatment prediction on our AI aesthetic simulator, Don't hesitate to reach out!

You can also book a demo with one of our experts to discover how aesthetic clinics around the world have implemented AI into their practices and experienced immediate ROI. 

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