Summer sales: Overcome lower engagement with high engagement tools

Noam Yadin

It’s roasty toasty outside, schools out and suitcases are overpacked…summer is here and that usually means less patients are booking appointments (new and returning).

But, we can still overcome this seasonality low engagement period by using tools that are highly engaging and immediately attract potential patients.

AI aesthetic simulator

Obviously, no one wants to leave their home, let alone get off their couch, during these sweaty days. Thankfully, you can generate leads while your potential patients are enjoying the AC in their homes, here’s how:

The AI aesthetic simulator will immediately intrigue potential patients, especially while they are scrolling social media. In just 40 seconds, the simulator will realistically visualize the post-treatment appearance of injectables by using sophisticated AI algorithms with high clinical accuracy.

Once they’ve visualized their ideal look, these hot leads will leave their contact information, including how eager they are to start their aesthetic journey, their requested treatments, and consultation preferences. This will ultimately help your practice create a nurturing plan - ensuring this lead stays informed about the practice and prepared for their consultation post-summer.

Proven tactics and strategies on how to promote the AI Aesthetic Simulator on your online marketing channels:

After registering your clinic, you can promote your branded AI simulator link on your various online marketing channels - and, most importantly, potential patients who try out the AI aesthetic simulator will directly become leads for your practice. 

Social media

Whether they are abroad or at home, your potential patients are still active on social media, so promotion on social channels is crucial.

Practices have seen the best results when they share their branded simulator link as a dedicated post, Reel, and Story. However, the most important thing to remember is adding a direct link to your branded AI aesthetic simulator (not just directing viewers to ‘the link in bio’).

Here are some great examples:

You can add engaging top or bottom banners to your website that feature your branded simulator link.

Here’s an example:

We’ve done the hard work for you and created a variety of banner templates that you can simply customize and add to your website.

Let’s be honest, summer isn’t an ideal time for aesthetic treatments - but that doesn’t mean your clinic’s lead acquisition should be affected. Your practice should use this lower engagement period to focus on higher engagement tools - don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about how AI can get your practice through these sweaty months.

You can also book a demo with one of our experts to discover how aesthetic clinics around the world have implemented AI into their practices and experienced immediate ROI. 

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